Winx club sim date Games

Winx club sim date Games

Life and career[ edit ] — Early life and career[ edit ] Gillies was born in Haworth, New Jersey. She has one younger brother, born She quickly began appearing in commercials for companies such as Virgin Mobile. She has stated that she was not allowed to watch the finished show in its entirety because her parents felt it was not appropriate for her at the time. She appeared in three episodes.

Winx Games for Girls

Ablett finally back at the cattery Ablett finally back at the cattery Gary Ablett discusses the difficulties he faced on the Gold Coast and his decision to return to Geelong to finish his career. While stabled at Waller’s Flemington base for each of her last two Cox Plate preparations, the mare had never actually started in a race at Flemington, arguably Australia’s greatest racetrack. Related Articles Winx adds theatre to her repertoire as she storms to 20th straight win Waller will also remove Winx’s ear muffs for the Turnbull Stakes after applying the gear for her past two wins — the Chelmsford Stakes and George Main Stakes — having blundered at the start of the Warwick Stakes in her first run of the campaign.

You will now receive updates from Sport Newsletter Sport Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. I am very mindful of how well received she is each time she races, however her longevity is of the utmost importance and this is evident by the limited racing she does each preparation.

Finding the Trix to be ineffective to defeat the Winx Club and as punishment for releasing the Good Magic, the Ancestral Witches try to possess the Trix, but as they attempt to flee the old witches capture them and possess their bodies. In Season 1, Riven was dating Darcy before Musa. Whisperia is the home planet of the Trix in the 4Kids.

This show is shown international. Iginio Straffi even said that the series may continue up till An ordinary girl from the planet Earth, Bloom lives a perfectly normal life in the city of Gardenia until she meets Stella , a princess from the planet Solaria , who is in trouble. Coming to Stella’s aid, Bloom discovers her magical powers. Stella persuades Bloom to join Alfea , the best fairy school in all the realms.

At Alfea, Bloom forms the Winx Club, whose members are her four friends and roommates: Stella, Musa , Tecna , and Flora. Later in the series they encounter and befriend the specialists from Red Fountain: Prince Sky , Brandon , Riven , and Timmy. The specialists called Heroes in the 4Kids version eventually become love interests.

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Edit Musa is a fairy from the planet Melody, where she once lived, where she is the princess of her realm. Her mother died when she was very young, but she loves her father a lot. Her mother had an amazing voice and her father was a pianist, but after her mother’s death, her father was devastated and refused music, and even once threatened to withdraw Musa from Alfea for appearing at a concert at Red Fountain. Her birthday is May 30, and her best friend is Tecna.

She loves music, dancing, singing, and playing all instruments, her favorite of which is the concert flute. Musa usually plays amazing music, but plays best when she is alone at Alfea in a quiet spot.

Salamander. 26 Oct / 18 Nov. Good news. You are good and you can overcome any test! Face the news with enthusiasm. Musa suggests: Try a new activity, it’s going to be successful.

Tropes represented on this show: The 4Kids dub gave each girl a catch phrase on the bonus DVDs that came with the dolls. The phrases were never actually said in any version of the show. Style is, like, so always in style! Referring to the dub error that Musa is a princess Tecna: I’ll catch you on the download! Alfea has many secrets; Cloudtower turned out to be housing three delinquent teenage witches who never seemed to go to class and the school was the usual occupying hideout for the season’s evil villain ; Redfountain is a school for young heroes and the headmaster is a wizard, but none of the boys have magic.

The Cloudtower school for witches initially seems like one, but it’s subverted as most witches such as Miss Griffin are mostly good-hearted , even if they are mischievous or jerks sometimes. All six of them and Roxy. And, to a lesser extent, the pixies and selkies too. Prior to the beginning of the series, Domino was attacked by the three Ancesteral Witches, and King Oritel and Queen Mariam had no idea what happened to their two daughters during the attack, at one point believing neither of them had survived.

They had no idea for nearly 16 years. It’s implied that the witches of Cloudtower are more mischievous than evil, excluding the Trix.

Attack To Magix

Contents [ show ] Personality Musa loves music, dancing, singing and playing all instruments, but her favorite instrument is the concert flute, the first instrument she ever learned to play. Musa usually plays amazing music, but plays best when she is alone by herself in Alfea in a quiet spot. Despite being the most tomboyish of the Winx Club, she is perhaps the most emotionally vulnerable, and she balances this by putting up a tough front. Surprisingly considering Tecna is the brain of the group , Musa gets the best grades of her friends, as mentioned in ” Honor Above All “.

Her emotional weakness is the result of her mother’s death and her father being far away.

An ordinary girl named Bloom discovers that she has extraordinary powers, and she learns how to use her magic at the Alfea School for Fairies. Bloom and Stella are assigned to the same dormitory with Flora, Musa and Tecna. The five girls become best friends, and the Winx Club is formed. The Winx.

Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this TV show. Positive messages Teen heroines have impossibly shaped physiques, and some are stereotypically obsessed with their appearance and boys. That said, the series’ themes include teamwork, cooperation, self-esteem, friendship, and respect.

Guys and girls are on equal footing when it comes to putting up a fight, due to the uniqueness of their individual powers. Viewers see a teen cope with discovering the truth about her past and the danger it poses to her safety. But the characters do use creativity and rationality to solve problems, they draw strength in their collective abilities against their enemies, and they never back down from a challenge. Bloom’s parents are caring and concerned about their daughter’s welfare.

Many characters are stereotypical, particularly the main villains of the series: Violence Some hand-to-hand fighting, but more often violence takes the form of magical weapons such as light swords and guns that shoot energy rays, flying fireballs, and the powers to conjure storms, freeze people in ice, and deflect enemies’ advances with energy shields. Some storylines touch on characters’ deaths, but there’s no blood or gore.

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What is the Winx Club? The Winx Club is the name of a group founded by the protagonist Bloom on the Italian animated series of the same name. It is shown on the kids channel 4Kids. This program is set in the Magical Dimension and is full of fairies, witches, pixies and handsome boys who are madly in love with the youn…g girls of the fairy school Alphia, in the world of Magix! They have adventures and battles as they fight to save the magical realms and to find Bloom’s birth parents.

FanFic:Winx Club Fanon Without Wings/Book 1: New Friends FanFic:Winx Club Fanon Without Wings. Edit. “Magic Winx TRANSFORM!” Hovering on the platform in their fairy forms, and attracting a lot of stares, Ali studied the map again. Winx Club Fanon Wiki .

Riven is the stubborn maverick of the Specialists and is Musa ‘s former love interest. Contents Appearance Riven has short spiked magenta colored hair and violet eyes. In season one , Riven wears a white muscle midriff shirt with maroon pants and matching sneakers. In season two , season three and the first movie , he wears a British flag-inspired muscle shirt, bootcut jeans with two black belts crossed over each other and black shoes.

On his wrists are gray wristbands. In season four , Riven is usually seen wearing a green button down shirt and shorts while working at the Frutti Music Bar , but his season four civilian outfit consists of a blue shirt and a white vest. For season five , Riven had the same outfit as in the previous season.

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Edit musa Musa is one of the character in the Winx Club animated series. Her first appearance was in the second episode of the first season, Welcome to Magix. She is Tecna’s roommate for the first three seasons.

Layla: Layla was the last member of the Winx club to join, she first appeared in Season 2. She is a princess from the realm of Tides and grew up very prim and proper at her parent’s orders.

Fairy Of The Dragon Flame by Athena AU-Basically everything starting from season 1 changes a little as instead of Mike and Venassa finding and raising Bloom the Black Circle finds her and raise her and instead of destroying Valtor she falls in love with him since instead of a good Bloom is a mixure of good and bad due to her inner dragon. But what happens when not only a new elf comes around, Lenny begans to distance himself from her and the rest of the group?

Unfortunately, things don’t work like that Revelations, Part 2 Rated: What if she was Faragonda’s adopted granddaughter? I told them about what I was looking for. They told me they will find me a perfect match. I hope the strange I am marrying is my perfect match. We don’t own the Winx Club and the show Marriage at first sight. I hope I have love at first sight when I get married to a stranger.

Attack To Magix

The New Year Chapter 1 “First day of school! When she reached them, she turned to see her flame-haired best friend lagging behind, a worried expression on her face. Our mothers worked out our admission with the headmistress, so we are on the list. You don’t have to waste time checking. And if you want to complain about the sign-in, blame your mothers.

Come on in, and welcome to Alfea.

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What is the Winx Club? The Winx Club is the name of a group founded by the protagonist Bloom on the Italian animated series of the same name. It is shown on the kids channel 4Kids. This program is set in the Magical Dimension and is full of fairies, witches, pixies and handsome boys who are madly in love with the young girls of the fairy school Alphia, in the world of Magix! They have adventures and battles as they fight to save the magical realms and to find Bloom’s birth parents.

It’s about an Earth girl named Bloom who discovers she’s really a magical fairy with the power of the dragon fire. At the beginning Bloom meets a fairy named Stella, who is at the time fighting an ogre named Nut and is losing to him and his little minions. Bloom discovers she has magical powers as she saves Stella. Stella asks her to go to Alphia, a school for fairies in the realm of Magix. Bloom agrees and there she meets other friends named Musa power of music , Tecna power of digital technology , Flora power of plants.

Stella has the power of the sun and the moon. They become the Winx Club.

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Darcy in Season 1 Darcy appeared in episode 1 as a spectral entity. Her actual physical appearance was in the following episode. While Knut was telling Icy and Stormy of what happened, Darcy sense Bloom’s presence and divided herself. While her clone stayed behind, making it look like she never left, the real Darcy disappeared, reappeared right behind Bloom and attacked her.

After Bloom was found out Darcy was the second to attack her.

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January 28, One summer morning in Gardenia, Bloom’s mother wakes her up for school, even though it is summer vacation, as a prank. Bloom passes a girl named Mitzi on the street, who tends to be a show-off about her new scooter. Bloom continues her journey to the park. Kiko returns, screaming and clearly going crazy about something in the woods. It turns out to be Stella, a fairy who came to Earth. Bloom observes as Stella fights monsters in the woods.

The monsters are beating Stella, and she has fallen, until Bloom jumps out, without any powers. Suddenly, when Bloom holds out her hand, she discovers that she has magic, too. Bloom defeats the bad guys, and saves Stella. A strange burst of power erupts from Bloom, and Stella stands again and grabs her scepter to defeat the evil beast. After Stella and Bloom defeat the beasts, Stella collapses on the ground, unconscious.

The monster reports back to his masters, and is accused of failing. The ogre and the ghouls return, with a troll to search for Bloom. Stella starts explaining what is happening, and tries to explain to Bloom how to use her powers, and about Alfea, a college in the Magic dimension.

Chris Waller confirms Winx will race at Flemington for first time in blow to Everest

When Musa as a monster meets Sonna , the Gatekeeper of the Oceans of Melody, she turns Musa back into her normal form by bonding with her. She, along with the rest of the Winx earned Sirenix in ” Sirenix ” and entered the Infinite Ocean along with their Selkies. In episode nine , Stella , Flora and Musa attends Wizgiz ‘s class, he talks about age-changing spells that can drastically change a person’s age,but Stella was concentrating more on designing possible fashions in her sketchpad, but not satisfied with some entries.

Layla: Layla was the last member of the Winx club to join, she first appeared in Season 2. She is a princess from the realm of Tides and always grew up very prim and proper at her parent’s orders. However, this has made her something of a rebel and she really bonded with Musa.

In episode “Day of the Rose” Musa stays in Alfea with Bloom and Stella because her mum died when she was a kid and she really feels bad about that she also falls in love with Riven in the fourth episode of season 1 “The voice of nature”. In season 1 Musa feels to bad because Stella is always joking about her then she feels to sad and go to Magix when she see Riven with Darcy on a date because He was under a spell that she saw in a window she was shacked.

Edit Musa gets close to Layla the new member of the Winx Club because they have so many things in commons spicily that some times they feel left out and they both like dancing. In season 2 there is specialist that likes Musa named Jared she gets upset when he tells her that Riven told him about Musa and if he wanted to meet one of the Winx Club it should be Musa. They go on a little trip when Jared interview Musa a bout about the simulator. Musa is bonded to Tune pixy of manners.

In season 2 there is a new power called Charmix Musa earned by trusting Riven when she saw him spying on the Trix to know there plans Musa was the third to earn her Charmix. In the season finale, when the Winx and the Specialists were saying their tearful goodbyes in Shadowhaunt before entering Darkar’s fortress, Musa said to Riven”So I guess you’re above all that mushy stuff, right Riven? You don’t need anybody.

Winx Club Season 1 Episode 5 “Date with Disaster” RAI English

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