i have a 1972 chev c10 pickup with dash gauge issues.

i have a 1972 chev c10 pickup with dash gauge issues.

Heres the summary in a nutshell; Replace the resistance wire that ran to your points system, from the fuseblock, with a 12guage wire pink insulated if you want to remain factory compliant and hook it up to the HEI “BAT” terminal. Okay, so you want more; The points system has two wires running to the coil, one is the above mentioned resistance wire. This wire provides reduced voltage to the coil while the engine is running. The other wire originates from the starter R terminal the 6 stud furthest from the engine block on the starter solenoid. This wire provides full battery voltage to the coil during cranking only. All your old points wiring can be eliminated. Trace both back through the wiring harness for neat removal. If you do, you will be stranded everytime things get moist outside. There is a small catch on one of the face edges of this lug which needs to be depressed and the lug will pull through towards the “inside” of the fuse block.


What good is a truck that doesn’t move under its own power? Thankfully, California Performance Transmission has the cure, and it’s an Overdrive to boot. CPT leaves no stone unturned, so to speak, with its rebuilds.

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Mark it on the distributor body just below the edge of the cap using a small piece of tape, magic marker, dab of paint, etc. Remove the old distributor cap and rotate the engine in it’s normal clockwise direction until the distributor rotor points towards that mark. The best way to do this is by turning the engine over by hand.

Or you can use a socket and breaker bar to turn the large bolt in the center of the harmonic damper note: In any case, removing the spark plugs will make the engine much easier to turn by hand. When the distributor rotor is pointing at the 1 mark you made on the distributor body, the timing mark on the harmonic damper should also be lined up or very close to lining up with the “zero” mark on the timing tab.

In this position, piston 1 is at TDC top dead center on the compression stroke. Now turn the engine backwards counterclockwise a small amount so the timing mark is at 8 to 10 degrees before top dead center. This isn’t absolutely necessary but I find it makes it much easier to get the initial timing very close to 8 to 10 deg BTDC when installing the new distributor.

Now is also a good opportunity to check your engine’s timing chain for slack. Watch the rotor closely when you start to rotate the engine backwards. It should start to move as soon as you start turning the engine. If you can turn the engine more than 4 degrees or so as indicated on the timing tab before the rotor starts to turn then you should consider replacing the timing chain.

LS1 Wiring Harness for Chevrolet C10 Truck (1960-1972) – PRO SERIES

This Custom is not your average bear, with paint that looks as if it is going to drip to the ground this glossy paint is so deep you might get lost starring at your reflection and thinking of the yesteryears. Powering this Chevrolet Cheyenne for sale is a General Motors Cubic Inch V8, topped with a 4-barrel carburetor to deliver all the fuel needed into this General Motors intake.

This powerplant not only runs like the king of the road but under the hood this beauty shows the pure intelligent in design and the simplicity of engineering, built to withstand the abuse of a working man or woman this truck can take a licking and keep on ticking. While in the Cabin of this Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne for sale you can rest on your plush vinyl bench seat that stretches from door to door, scoot that loved one over cruise on down the road.

You will be proud to roll along the road and let the cold air-conditioning cool you because this truck is hot!

Aug 04,  · Windshield wiper wiring diagram for a chevy c10 pickup. Hook up an Ammeter in series to the negative battery cable and negative battery way you have full battery voltage during testing. Need to know the color codes of every wire and where they need to hook up to on a chevy c10 pickup.

First I know there are many different ways of doing this and using different parts to substitute for what I used. I wanted everything to be as simple of a swap as I could make it. I also wanted all new parts, so this will be wrote using the parts I bought and the way I designed my conversion. I started up front in the engine bay. Use a syringe to siphon the brake fluid from the master cylinder. Take the brake lines off the master cylinder.

Be prepared to catch any fluid that comes out and remember, it does remove paint. With the lines off, take the master cylinder off. Next, you will need to remove the combination valve.

Windshield wiper wiring diagram for a 1967 chevy c10 pickup

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 87 Chevy truck? How do you replace and install the fuel pump on a Chevy C10 truck? All you need to do is:

CNC 4 PC This card provides an easy way of interfacing your inputs and outputs from you parallel port. It provides terminals for the connections and conditions the signals for use in CNC applications.

Email Guidance Counseling When the trucks we hold so near and dear to our hearts were new, utility was first and foremost, and as a result, hauling was more important than handling. Even when convenience options like power steering, brakes, and automatic transmissions began to become available, drivability was still a long way down the list of important characteristics for a truck as far as most manufacturers were concerned.

Today most of us strive to improve our trucks when it comes to road manners and one area that can often benefit from updating is the steering. Typically trucks of the era had steering ratios of That numerical reference used to describe a steering gear refers to the relationship between the rotation of the steering wheel and the movement of the wheels. If turning the steering wheel degrees makes the wheels turn 1-degree, the ratio is A quicker-ratio box makes the wheels turn farther with the same steering wheel movement and the number of turns lock to lock is reduced.

To give our C10 more responsive steering we turned to Classic Performance Products CPP for one of their newly developed series steering boxes. Manufactured with a one-piece housing with all new parts, it uses an original Pitman arm, has a Optional chrome finish and new Pitman arms are also available.

Ask Away: How Do You Hook up a Turbo 400 Kickdown? (Hint: It’s Not Like Other 3-Speeds)

Our return policy gives you 45 days from the day you receive your purchase, to either exchange, receive store credit, or get a refund. All you have to do is ship the product back to us. All truck LTL freight deliveries will be scheduled through the shipping carrier with the customer and need a valid daytime phone number. It is the customers responsibility to have their contact info update to. If the delivery is returned to Factory Authorized for failure to communicate a delivery, then the Buyer is responsible for all freight and return fees.

Add power brakes to your truck without major modifications! Available for both 2 and 4 wheel disc brake applications. Available for Chevrolet and GMC C10 and C20 pickup trucks and K5 Blazers and Suburbans. Black Out power brake conversion featuring powder coated booster, Wilwood master.

How do you replace and install the fuel pump on a Chevy C10 truck? All you need to do is: While installing the new fuel pump you will need to hold the pushrod up into the block while sliding the arm of the new pump underneath the pushrod, then ju…st insert the two bolts previously removed, rehook the fuel lines, and you’re done. Heater Core You need to get a manual on your car to do the job right. However, here is some advice: Just completed replacing heater core on 97 f 2wd unless you got a full day open do not attempt this.

Prepare yourself for a lot of time because it involves the removal of the complete dash assembly.

Classic Update Kit – 1969-72 Chevy Truck

C , black C , blue C , black, 3 wires. Some of the wires inside these links are made BOLD. This typically means this wire is needed or very useful in a stand alone harness setup. C2 information is in these links. Info is more complete for , Later years should be similar, use circuit ‘s to compair.

Sep 23,  · You can buy a pretty nice second hand R4 and get most of the up graded parts in it swap all the good and better parts out, then buy any better one, or one you need to up grade if you get a decent one this will cut down on the rebuild & up grade.

Charging Conversions 3 – Externally Regulated to Internally Regulated Alternator A conversion like this has two basic pieces to it – mechanical and electrical. You need to mount the new alternator so that it’s secure and you can put a belt around it and then you need to wire it up so it actually does something when you spin it. This is a non-trivial upgrade to your vehicle.

It’s not that hard, but it could take some time to get right. Don’t expect to have the car back on the road the same day you take it all apart. This is not an afternoon job for most home “shade tree” mechanics, although some of the easier conversions can be done fairly quickly.

How to install rpm tech In a Chevy truck

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