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If you want to sell old lures and reels Please email me at reellife53 yahoo. Another very interesting reel that has special interest to me is known as an Indiana Reel. This was the personal fishing reel of Henry Kiest. Back Side plate view of a beautifully engraved presentation reel. Another back side plate view of a beautifully engraved presentation reel. Meek 3 with 12 o’clock handle. Kentucky reels were often presented as gifts to retired employees and such.

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Best Reviews fishing rod and reel Fishing Type: This new model features a wide spool for better capacity ,Beautiful classic fly reels, the latest revision in over a century of the Perfect. Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the Perfect reel ,Beautiful classic fly reels – the latest revision in a reel dating back to Ever since Forster Hardy was first granted a full patent for the ‘Perfect’ reel design ,Find best value and selection for your Hardy Perfect 3 1 8 LHW fly reel w 2nd spool like new search on eBay.

This page contains examples of some of the many types of Antique Fishing Reels that I like to collect. Over the years there have been many designs and different degrees of .

Questions about Antique Reels: Brands and Companies Q1: Many of the questions received about older reels concern American level winding baitcasting reels mass-produced from the s to the s. The vast majority of the mass-produced baitcasting reels and fly reels, too, for that matter made by the major tackle companies from the s to the s can still be found easily at flea markets and yard sales. Therefore, only a small fraction of these reels have significant collector value.

In general, only the highest quality reels for example, a few made with nickel silver or reels in mint condition command prices in the higher end of that range. Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles. Sometimes, a mint reel with its box and papers may attract higher prices.

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With the addition of Gambian master musician Juldeh Camara and jazz drummer Dave Smith, the renamed Space Shifters have been touring the world for 18 months whilst recording their album. He has had a rather tangled love life, and recently broke up with singer Patty Griffin who he lived with in Austin, Texas, to return to his native Midlands, and the album addresses notions of home and family, the tensions between love and art, embracing the concept of the musical life as a vocation. There is nothing worse than the scent of overly steamed broccoli.

I used to lay tarmac. And I was training to be an accountant. The Sensational Space Shifters do, indeed, incorporate Zeppelin songs into their set, often in fantastically wayward form.

The Bamboo Fly Rod Resource Center. Since , from the legendary days of lancewood to today’s Helios Fly Rods, Orvis has made a tradition of crafting and selling quality fly rods made at fair prices.

Our reaction to change is predictable; we scramble around moaning, and score what we can before someone cleans out the spare parts. Fishermen are patient, and study their prey I was a huge fan of the old Scientific Angler System series of fly reels, made by Hardy under the Scientific Angler, and L. Bean labels — and sold in England by Hardy as the Marquis. A solid reel, not overly ornate, with a heavy exposed rim allowing you to drape a thumb on it for increased control. Like a small minnow in a pond of bigger fish I darted out and slammed the first spool that showed, in hindsight paying double what it was worth.

Before buying, watch a few auctions to see the range in price for the item. Like the eBay rods, trout sizes command a higher price than Steelhead and Saltwater tackle, and an extra premium is put on pristine condition, and unique history of the reel. I was looking to fill a simple need and some sharp fellow is in there throwing elbows to turn a profit.

Then they put the reel up again under their name or another account and force the price higher.

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Storylines[ edit ] The card included seven matches resulting from scripted storylines and had results predetermined by WWE on the Raw brand. After the match, Strowman continued to attack Reigns, but Reigns retaliated by slamming an ambulance door on Strowman’s arm multiple times. Later that night, Reigns attacked Strowman during his match against Kalisto , targeting his arm with a steel chair.

Hardy ‘The Wye’ Palakona salmon fishing rod. A fine double-handed salmon fly fishing rod by Hardy Bros. of Alnwick, The Wye’. This is a good 12′ 5′ split cane Palakona three-piece rod with original spare tip and canvas Hardy bag.

Rod Stewart is a model railway enthusiast Do you think I’m geeky? But the one he has kept hidden for many years was revealed yesterday, and it was steamier than anyone might have imagined. His secret is a spectacular model railway set. Laid out at his mansion in Beverley Hills, it is a perfect 1: It comprises ft of track, scores of period locomotives and carriages with a backdrop of skyscrapers, streets, railway buildings and hundreds of tiny passengers.

The largest train station in the world, it has 44 platforms, 67 tracks, a cavernous concourse with clock faces made from opal and a clock on the front of the station that is the largest example of Tiffany glass in the world. Model trains are not just for men with sheds and Stewart is in good company. But the ultimate collector is the pop tycoon Pete Waterman, the business brain behind the s partnership of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.

Some years ago he bought his own train company, taking on the British Rail special-trains service. He also renovates trains from the s and s and used to own the Flying Scotsman. Publishers wishing to reproduce photographs on this page should phone 44 0 or e-mail syndication telegraph.

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Hardy Reel blathering A gear review. Reading the poll results of this blog, it becomes apparent that some readers desire some gear reviews. Well, you asked for it; My Hardy reels are treasured but also used. After all, why not use the good china? Being an aficionado of classic things from the past, it is not surprising that when I took up fly-fishing I would be drawn to Hardy reels.

The Husky was part of Hardy’s Lightweight Series of reels. This was one of two wide drum Lightweight models made in the mid to late s, the Zenith being the other. Both were /8″ diameter. 1 .

With that said, there are a few things to consider when purchasing your next Spey rod. To begin with, how big are the fish you intent to chase? A seven weight will easily handle steelhead in the 8 to 14 pound range. Matched with the proper line, a seven can handle anything from floating lines to sink-tips. On many Canadian summer rivers and most winter rivers in the Northwest, hooking a 15 to 20 pound fish is an everyday reality.

Furthermore, if your faced with fishing conditions that require throwing heavy sink-tips and big flies, an eight or nine makes it easier. On the other hand, if you plan on fishing one salt summer steelhead where the average fish is 5 to 7 pounds, a six weight would be more applicable. These rods are great for fishing floating lines and surface presentations.

Most folks will start with a seven weight, then build their arsenal of weapons to fit their specific fishing needs. Length The length of a rod equates to casting distance. Simply put, the longer the rod, the longer the cast.

rod registration, repairs, & warranty information

Greased Line bamboo double hand rod for sale. For those not familiar, Greased Line fishing is another name for flyfishing using a floating line. It has full intermediate wraps of green silk, wraps at the ferrules are copper wire tipped with scarlet silk and guides are wrapped with green silk tipped scarlet.

Hardy Marksman Supero 11 Foot Avon Rod Brand new and never used Absolutely beautiful rod – the quality that you would expect of Hardy No longer manufactured This lightweight 11ft two-piece rod is designed to provide the full flavour of.

That is a 24″ diameter net! The rod is an 8ft 5 weight to a Dickerson taper. Horrible weather in the UK at the moment February but this picture shows how much nicer things are on the other side of the world, a sizeable New Zealand brown to Fred von Reibnitz and his pack rod. A solid looking wild Rainbow Trout landed in Germany by Dirk Kruger, along with the stick it got attached to! A 20″ trout from the River Nidd. Jon Wood making good use of both his new rods.

This fish to the A nice trout from a small stream. See Richard Barrett’s blog for more information on small stream fishing. Garrison TKM proving once again that tight loops are perfectly possible with a Garrison taper and also that long leaders are the way to go in Norway.

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Should you have any questions regarding any item, please feel free to call: This English made fly reel by C. The finish has a bright spitfire type finish.

a genuine hardy museum piece c 3 piece s/cane fly rod, drop rings, lovely. – eur , this item has been listed previously but the purchase had to be reluctantly abandoned by the buyer due to export restrictions to japan. this is a genuine museum piece dating from c being an 11 foot hardy three piece split cane rod in lovely condition.

The golden age of rod making is alive and well in Newbury Chris Yates meets a fishing rod maker who’s no ordinary craftsman. This was the fourth time it had happened over the seasons, each at a different river. Once, I wasn’t even looking when my visitor arrived; it was just the sudden soft thump on the rod that made me glance around to behold a miraculous coloured bird, staring down, ready to pounce on any tiddler. Somehow, I think these encounters might not have occurred had I been using a carbon rod.

One of the reasons I have always preferred cane to slick, mass-produced carbon is that cane never looks out of place by the waterside and I can feel my way into the fishing more completely when I think the natural inhabitants haven’t noticed me. Aesthetics aside, I regard cane as superior to any other rod-making material. It is tough, durable and flexible; it can be tapered to a needle-thin diameter, casts beautifully and transmits a very direct connection with the fish whenever it curves into action.

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And why should you care? Today, the weight of a fly line is measured in a tiny unit called grains. Rather helpfully, the fly line manufacturers came up with a numbering system that helped how heavy or light a particular fly line is.

A funny story about Mario Lopez: the first time I was caught by a parent cracking one out, was to Mario Lopez naked. Well, it was Mario Lopez’ head stuck onto some porn star’s body.

Jamie and the Doctor are this via Rose Of Pollux ‘s work. As in canon, of course. The first ten chapters of Sugar Rush Stories seem to exist specifically to make sure everyone is involved in this trope. Three Months a Fox has Kivo Nychi and Rigel Trich, a red wolf and African wild dog who have been close friends for over twenty years of their lives, and share a pack bond so strong that they have formed what is essentially an empathic bond with each other via a pack-oriented predator phenomena known In-Universe as ‘Scent Empathy’.

Touhou Ibunshu plays up Reimu and Marisa’s canon HLP status for all it’s worth turns out Marisa isn’t heterosexual though, but she ends up with someone else instead and also adds Remilia and Sakuya, Yuyuko and Youmu, and Yukari and Ran, revolving much of the drama and heartwarming moments around their respective intensely close relationships. Kaguya and Eirin are not an example however, as they’re Happily Married. Army of Legend series. Kamen Rider Generations give us Mitsuzane and Gou.

The Hardy Family – The Visiting Dignitary (aired c1949)

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